Culinary Coffee Break Delights


Be inspired by our passion for excellent cuisine and consummate catering!


Maybe it’s the fresh, home-made cakes that are so irresistible, or maybe it’s the artfully craft chocolates, the scent of freshly brewed coffee, the classic premium sandwich, best taken with a glass of smoothies. Whatever it is, trying to pass by the pastry without stopping can be quite a challenge.


Coffee Break


Continental Coffee Break                                                                                          Euro    7.-


Hot Drinks:                 Coffee, milk, loose leaf tea, hot chocolate flavored

Cold Drinks:               mineral water, soft-drinks and fruit-juice

Snacks:                       fresh fruits, selection of cookies, biscuits & croissants


International Coffee Break                                                                                        Euro    9,-


Hot Drinks:                Coffee, milk,loose leaf tea, flavored hot & cold chocolates

Cold Drinks:               mineral water, soft drinks and fresh juices

Snacks:                       fresh fruits pearls, selection of muffins and biscuits



Spanish Coffee Break                                                                                                Euro    12,-


Hot Drinks:                Coffee, milk, loose leaf tea, flavored hot and cold chocolate

Cold Drinks:               mineral water, soft drinks, lemonade and fresh juices

Sweets Snacks:           fresh fruits pearls and chocolate fountain, croissants,

Spanish Snacks:         montaditos de queso, jamon serrano, tortilla, olives and almonts.




Fresh & Healthy Break                                                                                                Euro 15,-


Hot Drinks:                Light coffee-fruit drinks, tea flower selection, flavored chocolate

Cold Drinks:               selection of fruit punch, selection of mineral water

Sweet snacks:             fruit-jelly, fresh fruit pearls with orange chocolate

Snacks:                       fresh cottage cheese with herbs,

Lebanon wraps & marinated salmon with caviar


The offer is valid in combination with the meeting room arrangement.

Unlimited consumption, minimum 10 people